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Strange but true...

Oct 01, 2014 / alpMedia
…We now have a new hero factory, Trentino, that is “bearing” heavily on the Alps.

A female bear died there in September 2014, although she was supposed to simply be put to sleep for a few hours by means of a tranquilliser fired from a gun. But now Daniza has become a martyr of the nature conservation movement, with vigils being held in her memory. The wheels of the hero factory have been set in motion, just as they were some 200 years ago in Mantua, where Andreas Hofer was executed by firing squad. He had led the Tyrolean uprising against Bavaria and Napoleon, and is reputed to have called out “You really are poor shots” at his execution. His death made Hofer a hero of Tyroleans both north and south of the Brenner Pass and, since then, statues of him have appeared throughout the region. Streets are named after him and his death is commemorated in the Tyrolean anthem. One day, then, we may even see a street that “bears” the name Daniza.

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