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Implementing simple ideas for more climate protection

Mar 01, 2024 / Sophie V. Mahlknecht, CIPRA International
Simply do it is the motto of the EmpowerLIFE project launched in 2023. It supports people in realising their do-it-yourself ideas and plans in relation to climate protection. The climate crisis and the energy crisis that emerged in 2022 are motivating many people to take action: they simultaneously want to live more sustainably, help shape the future and reduce costs.
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Anyone interested can realise their own ideas and give free rein to their creativity in the workshops. (c) Canva.com_iJeab

The project, led by the Energy Institute Vorarlberg in cooperation with CIPRA Lab GmbH, is pursuing a bottom-up approach to promote sustainable development in the Lake Constance region. It accompanies people and civil society initiatives on the path from the development to the realisation of their climate protection ideas. The experience of existing initiatives meets new, sometimes unconventional ideas and results in a productive mix of knowledge. The organisations involved in the project complement this mix with their expertise. This ranges from project development and implementation to the preparation of an overview of climate protection-relevant DIY projects according to areas of interest and the organisation of cooking courses and workshops. They also provide financial resources and workspaces – such as workshops for building bicycle trailers or creating vegetable patches.


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