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Launch of the Alpstar mobility network in Vorarlberg

Jun 18, 2013 / Verein Alpenstadt des Jahres
Alpstar project partner Vorarlberg launches a mobility network with 9 companies mainly from the producing industry in Vorarlberg. The network partners will share their experiences in the network and they will work on solutions for upcoming challenges within the field of mobility.
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Mobility concepts can make an important contribution to traffic reduction during rush hour.
When talking about making the Alps carbon neutral mobility is one of the most important sectors to cope with. Approximately one third of the CO2 emissions in Vorarlberg are caused by mobility. The programme energy autonomy Vorarlberg foresees a reduction of CO2 emissions by 22% until 2020 (based on 650 to CO2/a in 2005). The mobility network which is launched under the Alpstar project is one important step to reach these goals.

Nine companies in Vorarlberg will have five workshops within the next years where they will share previous experiences and work together on solutions for the upcoming challenges. External experts will provide inputs to agreed topics. Possible benefits for the network partners are:
- Reduction of mobility costs
- Efficient use of company resources, e.g. car pool, parking space
- Measurements for employee health, etc.

An open and intense exchange of knowledge among companies is still an innovative approach. The results and experiences of the first pilot phase of this network can possibly lead to further mobility networks in Vorarlberg or in other Alpine regions.