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Nature-friendly tourism and connected habitats in the Rhaetian Triangle

May 27, 2013 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Supporting the implementation of an ecological network continues to be a major issue in the Swiss region of the Lower Engadine. The new "Colliar" project intends to improve co-operation on regional initiatives by different sectors.
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By serving regional products the Colliar project supports agriculture in the region of Engadine. © Abderhalden
With its Colliar project, the Pro Terra Engiadina Foundation will establish a long-term perspective to its activities for more ecological connectivity that have successfully begun as a pilot region in the ECONNECT project. Stakeholders from nature and landscape protection, agriculture, forestry and tourism are jointly developing activities to improve connectivity. These measures will then be incorporated into regional planning tools. Tourism offers are being developed to allow visitors to experience the ecological values of the region. Outside the Lower Engadine, international co-operation continues in the triangle between Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

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