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Indicators on evaluating the progress of the Alpine ecological network

Aug 30, 2012 / Marianne Badura
The establishment of the Alpine Ecological Network is a long process. In order to evaluate the progress, the Platform Ecological Network of the Alpine Convention has developed a set of indicators.
Ecologic indicators
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Indicators can be used to highlight trends in ecological connectivity. © Riccardo Santolini
The indicators are based on the concept of considering landscape as a set of functional ecological units (FEU) and they are in line with the indicators developed under the project 'Streamlining European 2010 Biodiversity Indicators (SEBI2010)'. They are composed by a set of structural functional indicators and are applied in the landscape matrix. The objectives are to describe the anthropogenic load of different FEUs, to highlight the degree of contrast and the state of depletion of natural and human ecosystems, to measure the fragmentation of the areas of interest, to calculate the threshold depletion of environmental resources or to evaluate the extent of land consumption. Another component is the calculation of eco-system services which help to better define the weight of natural capital and its functions.
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