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Idrija is the Alpine Town of the Year 2011

Feb 16, 2011 / alpMedia
The label for sustainable development was awarded to the Slovenian town of Idrija for its commitment to climate protection among other initiatives. The "Alpine Town Year" was ceremoniously inaugurated in February.
Idrija/SL: a small town with ambitious environmental protection objectives
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Idrija/SL: a small town with ambitious environmental protection objectives © Lukas Coch / Zeitenspiegel
During that year Idrija intends to pursue existing projects such as a farmers' market with local organic produce as well as taking up new ideas. The 12,000 inhabitant community is working on a local energy supply concept involving renewables and plans to cut its CO2 emissions. Cycle paths are to be expanded to help promoting ecotourism. Idrija is opening the Alpine Town Year with a review of what has already been achieved, including a project for reducing light pollution. Idrija is also well-known for its lace making and the town is organising a lace festival in the summer. The festive year is to close in November with a lecture on how human beings and wild animals live side by side.
After Maribor (in 2000), Idrija (2011) is the second Slovenian town to be awarded as Alpine Town of the Year. For 500 years the small town tucked away in the alpine foothills of Slovenia was known for its mercury mine; today it is world-famous for its lace making.
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