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First atlas of biodiversity risk in Europe

Sep 30, 2010
The new "Atlas of Biodiversity Risk" is the first of its kind to describe and summarise in a comprehensive, easy-to-read and richly illustrated form the major pressures, impacts and risks of biodiversity loss on a European and global level.
It is backed up by more than 100 case studies and among others also contains articles on habitat fragmentation and on ecological networks as an answer to climate change.
The Atlas is addressed to a wide spectrum of users. Scientists will find summaries of well-described methods, approaches and case studies. Conservationists and policy makers will use the conclusions and recommendations. Lecturers and teachers will find good examples to illustrate the main challenges in our century of global environmental changes.
The Atlas combines the key results of the major European research project ALARM (68 partner organisations in 35 countries in Europe and other continents) with some core outputs of numerous other research networks. In total, 366 authors from 43 countries contributed to the 280-page Atlas. More information: