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Turin/I: Olympic sports facilities left to waste away

The ski jumps in Turin/I: unused, and under lock and key

The ski jumps in Turin/I: unused, and under lock and key © CIPRA Italia

Since the close of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin many of the sports facilities and installations have been left abandoned. The five ski jumps in Pragelato, for example, for which the building costs exceeded 34 million Euros, are now closed off and unused.
Also closed is an adjacent hotel, built specially for the big event. At the time the ski jumps were being built, the hope was that this sporting discipline would appeal to young up-and-coming athletes. But today the facility is cordoned off and there are avalanche warning signs and "Keep out" signs.
It's a fate also shared by the bobsleigh run at Cesana, which cost over 60 million Euros. The run is most likely to be closed down at the end of January due to lack of use and high maintenance costs. The biathlon shooting range, currently under a blanket of deep snow, is also out of operation. And while its cross-country ski trail is an attraction for tourists, there are no plans to hold any competitions there in the foreseeable future. The shooting range and the track came at a total cost of 45 million Euros.
Source: La Repubblica, 05.01.2010