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More than 10,000 alien species in Europe

Dec 04, 2008 / alpMedia
The fact that more and more non-indigenous species of fauna and flora are spreading throughout Europe is nothing new. But for the first time a complete list of all the invasive species has now been compiled.
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© Dieter Haugk / PIXELIO
1,462 neozoa and neophytes have been found in Austria alone, a landlocked and Alpine country. As part of the DAISIE project ("Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventory for Europe") researchers documented a total of 10,822 new animal and plant species. Species which do not pose a threat to either forestry or agriculture or to human health had so far been neglected as they do not cause any direct economic damage; however their impact on our ecosystems could be serious. After all, "only" 15 per cent of the species listed are responsible for direct damage. A further 15 per cent could affect individual habitats, native plants and animals or microorganisms. The complete list is freely accessible at (en).
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