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Strengthening mountain forests

Nov 07, 2007 / alpMedia
The Interreg IIIC project Network Mountain Forest (NMF), which was launched in 2003, has come to a close with the signing in Lindau/D on 29 October 2007 of a Memorandum aimed at strengthening mountain forests in Europe.
In the Memorandum the states participating in the Project, i.e. Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, and the observer states Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia and Liechtenstein, call for a common mountain forest policy in the Alpine region and in the mountain areas of Europe that are located outside the Alps. The objective aimed at by the signatory states includes setting up a European mountain forest platform and a European mountain forest campaign, and creating a European financing instrument. Within the context of forestry planting strategies greater consideration is also to be given to altered conditions resulting from climate change.
The Memorandum is based on the results of the Interreg Project, which examined the state of mountain forests and illustrated the many different functions performed by mountain forests.
Source, information and to download the final declaration: (de)