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From idea to implementation: the NENA workshop series

May 16, 2007 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
As part of the Interreg IIIB Project NENA ( ) CIPRA International is organising a series of workshops to bring together businesses and their relevant umbrella organisations.
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NENA Network Enterprise Alps
These workshops give entrepreneurs and umbrella organisations the opportunity to gain an overview of the existing interest and the potential benefits of co-operation ventures in areas such as timber, energy efficiency and renewable energies. In addition to the topics mentioned above, the workshops are also to discuss the establishment of an alpine-wide network of innovation and sustainability-orientated companies. The first workshop in Chur/CH and Vorarlberg/A on 11 and 12 May will be aimed at businesses and umbrella organisations in the timber industry and its value-added chain. The second workshop will be held in Grenoble on 28 and 29 June and focus on the financing of renewable energies (and solar energy in particular).
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