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Negotiable land use certificates

Jun 14, 2006 / alpMedia
Through the tool of the land use certificate (FNZ) the growing land consumption in Switzerland shall be limited. With the brochure "Recovering land - land use certificates in land planning" the environmental organisation Pro Natura wants to bring the discussion about this tool in the public arena.
Luftaufnahme von Triesen
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Die FNZ sollen helfen, mit dem Boden haushälterisch umzugehen. ©
The basic idea of the FNZ is based on the trading of rights for land development, similar to the trading of CO2 emission rights. In the first stage, the Federation and the Cantons will determine the maximum development area of Switzerland allocated to construction. Then a number of FNZ in line with the size of the area will be handed out and a market of user rights will be created. In order to be able to construct on new land, the owner of the lot must not only own the land, but also the relevant right of use, under the form of an FNZ. Existing land planning tools will be used to decide where it will be possible to build.
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