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Trucks nose-to-tail on the Brenner, with or without rail tunnel

Mar 09, 2006 / alpMedia
A study by the Swiss traffic research institute progtrans on plans for a Brenner railway tunnel has called into question the purpose of the project. Even if the base tunnel were to be completed by 2015, the number of trucks on the Brenner would increase by 2,000 a day by 2025.
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Forecasts indicate that some 6,500 lorries will cross the Brenner every day by 2025.
In terms of annual volume the forecast predicts a rise in truck haulage from 27 million tonnes to 39 million tonnes by 2025 - with or without the tunnel.
These findings are not new; the results of the study did the rounds of the media last year already. However politicians are once again battling it out over the financing of the 64 km tunnel; the amount of possible co-funding from the EU in particular is a contentious issue. While Austrian Transport Minister Hubert Gorbach still cites total costs of €4.5 billion, traffic planner Max Herry Kosten is predicting a bill of €15 billion. The key argument fielded in favour of building a tunnel is that it will take goods haulage off the roads and onto the rails, an effect which, according to the study, is negligible.
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