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Why wait? Pull down those unused mountain installations now!

Jun 30, 2005 / alpMedia
Anyone who comes across unused installations or buildings while out hiking or mountaineering in the Swiss Alps should take part in the Wilderness Olympics 2005 and notify Mountain Wilderness (MW) of their "find".
Installations obsolètes
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Aufräumaktion von Mountain Wilderness. ©
MW advocates the dismantling of such installations - rusty masts, concrete foundations, unfinished and abandoned buildings, disused cable railways, ski lifts, etc. - and demands that dismantling costs be budgeted for whenever new installations are constructed. MW has been running a campaign since 2001 in the mountainous regions of France to draw the attention of local authorities, local players and broad sections of the population to these uncompleted and abandoned buildings. It regularly looks for volunteers to help with the dismantling and clearing-up campaigns. These obsolete installations are currently the topic of an exhibition at the National Park Centre in Mercantour/F.
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