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France ratifies all Alpine Convention protocols

May 19, 2005
Following the decision taken by the Chamber of Deputies on 10 March, the French Senate approved ratification of the remaining protocols to the Alpine Convention in a unanimous vote with just one abstention on 12 May.
France had already ratified the Alpine Convention protocols on Mountain Agriculture and the Settlement of Disputes on 15 November 2003. The decisions taken in the two chambers of the French parliament clear the way for the French government to proceed with ratification of the protocols on Nature Conservation and Landscape Management, Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, the Mountain Forest, Soil Protection, Tourism, Energy and Transport.
This means that more than half of the signatory states of the Alpine Convention have ratified all the protocols completed to date, namely Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and now France. Monaco has ratified five of the nine protocols. Switzerland, Italy and the European Union have not yet ratified any of them.
Source: CIPRA-International, infos: (de/fe/it/sl))