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Ultra-low energy building gains altitude

Sep 09, 2004 / alpMedia
The highest ultra-low energy business premises of the Alps were officially opened in Punt Muragl (En-gadine/Switzerland) at the end of August. Gasser Building Materials' 23,000 m3 warehouse with integrated DIY store is situated at an altitude of 1,728 m above sea level and is heated almost exclusively by solar energy.
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Die Baumaterialhalle und der neue "do it"- Baumarkt der Firma Gasser in Punt Muragl (Schweiz). © Andrea Gustav Ruedi
The building's heating requirements are more than 90% less than a comparable new building, thanks to the large south-facing glazed area combined with outstanding thermal insulation and the timber and concrete storage mass integrated into the building. A great deal of attention was paid to the building materials used, to ensure that they con-tained as little "grey energy" as possible; in other words only local timber cut and processed in the region was used in the construction.
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