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NGOs demand participation in the Alpine macro-region

Oct 17, 2013
Observer organisations of the Alpine Convention are bewildered at their exclusion from the Alpine macro-region. They are demanding their inclusion in the ongoing process for a macro-regional Alpine strategy.

The macro-regional strategy for the Alps is intended to promote future co-operation between the Alpine area and its surrounding regions and cities. This coming Friday, 18 October 2013, the French Minister for European Affairs, Thierry Repentin is inviting representatives of Alpine regions and countries to a conference in Grenoble. The official observer organisations of the Alpine Convention, i.e. its civil society representatives, are however not on the Minister’s guest list.

The observer organisations have always worked on the Alpine Convention in a constructive manner. They are also equally ready to participate in the development of a macro-regional strategy for the Alps and to make relevant proposals. As the conference in Grenoble is intended to lay the cornerstone for the new strategy, it is vitally important for the observer organisations to be involved. These organisations are also requesting that the goals specified in the Alpine Convention for the protection and sustainable development of the Alps should be taken on board for the macro-region. Their experience in the context of the Alpine Convention over the past 20 years will make an important contribution to a macro-regional Alpine strategy.

For all enquiries please contact:

  • International Commission for the Protection of the Alps CIPRA, Claire Simon, Tel. +423 273 53 53
  • Intern. Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps ISCAR, Thomas Scheurer, Tel. +41 31 318 70 18
  • Network of municipalities « Alliance in the Alps», Marc Nitschke, Tel. +49 86 42 6531
  • Alpine Network of Protected Areas ALPARC, Guido Plassmann, Tel. +33 4 79 26 55 00
  • Club Arc Alpin CAA, Veronika Schulz, Tel. +49 89 211 224 12
  • The Alpine Town of the Year Association, Thierry Billet, Tel. +33 4 50 33 88 88

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