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Anno di pubblicazione2007
Autore(i)Giorgio De Ros
Co-autoriT. Guggenberger, S. Venerus
EditoreWallig Ennstaler
Numero di pagine186
Linguade, en, it
The project „Alpine network for sheep and goats promotion for a sustainable territory development“ - Alpinet Gheep - supported by the European Community Initiative Programme Interreg IIIB Alpine Space, was developed in order to give sustain to the operators. The aim of the project was to promote sheep and goat productions e.g. wool, meat, milk and dairy products, as well as the connected activities through a permanent network set up among the breeder associations, local administrations and research institutes. In the three years project period, the productive sectors of Austria, Germany, Slovenia and North-East Italy were involved in order to enhance the economical aspects of breeding, to increase their role in the social context and to emphasize the positive effect on environment and on sustainable development of territory.