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Geoteam. L'invenzione della Montagna.

Anno di pubblicazione1997
Autore(i)Ivano de Negri
The book contains essays, written by different authoritative Authors, related to economic questions, regionalization methods, tourism-linked aspects, political processes, demographic analysis, employment changes, relations with urban areas, landscape, environment and cultural heritage issues. This richness of subjects gives to the book a high level of interdisciplinarity. The book also contains three study cases: one dedicated to the “Matese”, a mountain region in the southern part of Italy, the other to the demographic dynamics and the relation with the offer of jobs in the so called “North East” region and the last to the mountain region in Sicily. The book has been published in 1997 and most of the quantitative datas refer to 1990/1991, for this reason eve if the methodologies presented and the results described are still valid, a datas upgrade should be necessary.
Review of the Italian Geographers Association