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Azioni innovative di sviluppo rurale

Anno di pubblicazione1999
Pubblicato daOsservatorio Europeo Leader
DocumentazioniGiornale, opuscolo
Available in all the European languages, the report presents a short description of the Leader II European project and a rich and wide collection of good practice examples, which has been divided in thematic parts: tourism, agriculture, industry, services, culture. Each experience is presented with a brief description of the project, of the region in which it has taken place, of the partners involved, of the times of realisation and of the results obtained. Even though the volume has been published 6 years ago already, it is still very useful since it offers a wide survey on European initiatives that presents a high degree of integration between different economic sectors (agriculture/tourism, handicraft/commerce etc.) and of experimentation even in local contexts not so much known by the public. The transferability of these experiences can be assessed through the description of the initiative, which shows the involved actors, success factors and difficulties.