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Anno di pubblicazione2004
Pubblicato daLuigi Bobbio
Numero di pagine152
This handbook, edited by Luigi Bobbio (University of Turin), is a very useful instrument dedicated to those public administrators who are going to start inclusive decision making processes. When it is worthwhile to start this processes? How is it possible to find out the right interlocutors? How is it possible to obtain a positive interaction between the participants and which is the most appropriate way to solve conflicts? Which are the professional skills required? In which way is it possible to pass from informal choices to administrative decisions? Which results should one expect and how to assess these results? The handbook tries to give an answer to these questions, proposing approaches, techniques and methods that are currently being applied in Italy. The handbook also contains some useful examples or study-cases analysed on the basis of the local authorities’ testimony. The volume has been realised in the context of a laboratory on complex decisional processes of the “Programma Cantieri” implemented by the Department of the Public Function and by the Ministry Council Presidency. The knowledge contained in the handbook presents a high degree on innovation and, even if not directly related to mountain regions, it can be transferred and applied to diverse kind of territories.