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Scientific Workshop on Mountain Mobility and Transport SWOMM 2005-2006

Anno di pubblicazione2007
Autore(i)Paolo Angelini
Pubblicato daEuropäische Akademie Bozen EURAC
Internet: http://www.eurac.edu
EditoreEURAC Research/Bolzano
Luogo di pubblicazioneVarese/I
ISBN/ISSNISBN 978-88-88906-31-7
Numero di pagine258
At its second appointment, the Scientific Workshop on Mountain Mobility and Transport has already become an important open round table on the protection of the Alps and on mountain areas sustainable mobility.
Under the supervision of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, local and central authorities, network administrators, research centres and transport operators from all the Alpine countries have gathered and shared a considerable amount of knowledge which has raised the awareness on the abundance of documentation that inter-alpine and infra-alpine transports are producing.
Often such documentation is limited to a single axe of movement or a unique geographic area and it sometimes includes conflicting data. Furthermore, it usually originates from the need to depict a particular characteristic of a wider Alpine matter, frequently related to a local community. Since it is always based on rigorous scientific methods, the documents production represents and important resource and should not be ignored.
Interesting proposals have originated from this documentation in order to give a practical solution to the protection of the natural heritage of the Alps and, at the same time, in order to preserve and promote human activities which are the economic, cultural and social basis of any community.
Moreover, another issue has become evident during the first two editions of the SWOMM: the projects, the data and the gathered information continuous exchange between the many and different involved actors is extremely useful. As a matter of fact, it encourages and supports the adoption of common and practicable strategies in order to develop sustainable mobility in the Alps.