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European wind energy capacity breaks the 20,000 MW barrier

Anno di pubblicazione2002
Pubblicato daEuropean Wind Energy Association EWEA
Internet: http://www.ewea.org
Numero di pagine4
DocumentazioniArticolo Periodico
European wind energy achieves 40% growth rate. For the first nine months of 2002, Europe’s installed wind energy capacity reached 20,447MW, 74 per cent of the world total, according to a new industry survey published by EWEA.
Germany is leading the European expansion, commissioning 1,896 MW of wind energy in the first nine months of 2002, with Spain in second place with 742 MW. Countries which have made good progress after a relatively quiet spell include the Netherlands. France moved into tenth place in the league table with 131 MW. Austria celebrated its 100 MW landmark on the back of one of the highest situated wind farms in the world – at 1,900 metres in the Styrian Alps.
Source: http://www.ewea.org
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