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Linking protected areas to the wider world: a review of approaches

Year of publication2004
Author(s)Roger Crofts
Number of pages13
JournalJournal of Environmental Policy and Planning
Magazine No.Nr. 6/2
Publication typeJournal article
Protected areas are the basic foundation for the conservation of biological and landscape diversity. During the first century of their development attention was placed predominately on identification and protection of the key features. The pros and cons of this approach are examined. Now there is a need to recognise the importance of linking protected areas to the rest of the landscape and seascape through ecological and other environmental processes, and also to society both adjacent to and further afield from protected area boundaries. The various methods and the experience in applying them in different parts of the world are explained. Particular attention is given first to predominately ecological approaches and, second, to more integrated approaches. Practical issues in implementation are discussed.