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Green electricity for Liechtenstein

Sep 28, 2011 / alpMedia
As of next year the electricity flowing out of Liechtenstein's power sockets will be sourced exclusively from renewable energies, but only in private households that do not insist on the previous mix of nuclear energy and fossil fuels.
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Samina: international standards are being disregarded © LGU / Andrea Matt
A campaign is also to be launched to explain the type of electricity available, and that sustainable is more than just renewable.
Liechtenstein generates most of its electricity from hydropower. However the two power plants are leaving far too little water in the river bed of the Samina - and none at all in the bed of the Lawena. International standards are being disregarded. This could now all change: if more than two per cent of Liechtenstein's inhabitants opt for sustainable electricity, one of the power plants could be converted to green electricity. Ecological criteria such as sufficient residual water would then have to be met at the very latest.
Source and additional information: Liechtensteiner Vaterland 20.09.2011, p. 11; (de), (de)
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