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Impacts of Europe's changing climate

Impacts of Europe's changing climate
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Leto izida2008
Izdal(a)European Environment Agency EEA
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Kraj izidaCopenhagen
Število strani100
Cena25 Euro
RevijaEEA report
Časopisi št.4
Vrsta dokumentaČasopis, brošura
The report presents past and projected climate change and impacts in Europe by means of about 40 indicators and identifies sectors and regions most vulnerable with a high need for adaptation. The report covers the following indicator categories: atmosphere and climate, cryosphere, marine biodiversity and ecosystems, water quantity (including river floods and droughts), freshwater quality and biodiversity, terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, soil, agriculture and forestry, human health. Furthermore the report shows the need for adaptation actions at EU, national and regional level and the need for enhanced monitoring, data collection and exchange and reducing uncertainties in projections. The report is a joined effort of the European Environment Agency (EEA), the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC-IES) and the World Health Organisation Europe (WHO).