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Transport and environment: facing a dilemma

Transport and environment: facing a dilemma
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Leto izida2006
Izdal(a)European Environment Agency EEA
Spletna stran:
ZaložbaOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities
Kraj izidaCopenhagen
ISBN/ISSNISSN: 1725-9177
Število strani52
CenaEUR 15.- (excl. VAT)
RevijaEEA report
Časopisi št.No 3/2006
Vrsta dokumentaČasopis, brošura
This report represents a summary of 10 selected issues from the EEA's TERM (transport and environment reporting mechanism) set of transport and environment integration indicators.The objective is to indicate some of the main challenges to reducing the environmental impacts of transport, and to make suggestions for improving the environmental performance of the transport system as a whole. The report examines 10 key issues which need to be addressed in the coming years. These issues are derived from seven policy questions that form the backbone of TERM. As with previous TERM reports, this report evaluates the indicator trends in terms of progress towards existing objectives and targets. This is carried out using EU policy documents and various transport and environmental directives.
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