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Ecological Networks implemented by participatory approaches as a response to landscape fragmentation: a review of German literature

Autor(en)Silja Tiemann
Co-AutorenSiebert, Rosemarie
VerlagIP Publishing Ltd
Preis$28.00 plus tax
ZeitschriftOutlook on agriculture
Zeitschriften Nr.38 (2)
Dokumentarteinzelner Artikel Zeitschrift
The ecological network concept is an approach to counteract biodiversity loss by connecting core nature conservation areas. This article analyses the role of stakeholder involvement in, the conditions for and approaches to the practical implementation of ecological networks in Germany. The results are based on a literature review compared with results from a survey of experts. A policy model (the 'policy cycle') is used for structuring the data. The results show that participatory approaches play different roles in all stages of the policy cycle, and are also necessary at each stage to enable the implementation of a well accepted and 'functional' ecological network.