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Dörfliche Gemeinschaften und soziale Integration

Autor(en)Georg Wiesinger
Co-AutorenMachold I.
After presenting various sociological and regional policy approaches on how to define ‘locality’ and ‘rurality’ the article focuses on concepts, reasons and the background of social exclusion and social inclusion. Social inclusion is a crucial pattern for the building of social networks and decisive for trust and mutual support in local communities. Local communities are more and more subject to a wide range of processes and impacts from outside the region. Transformation of social life and local culture, economic and social marginalisation are current features. Moreover, the access to resources and local assets is not evenly balanced for all groups of local citizens. Thus, the increase of social exclusion and rural poverty is a major concern for all those who cannot cope with the requirements of modern life.
abgelegt unter: Soziales, Gesellschaft, Kultur