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Die Kunst, sich nicht über den Runden Tisch ziehen zu lassen

Autor(en)Corinna Fischer
Co-AutorenMalte Schophaus,Matthias Trénel,Annette Wallentin
HerausgeberStiftung Mitarbeit
The publication “Die Kunst, sich nicht über den Runden Tisch ziehen zu lassen” is addressed to citizens’ initiatives which already participate in a citizens’ cooperation project or which consider to contribute.
Experience shows that citizens’ cooperation projects often bring about amicable and social answers supported by a broadly based majority. Thus they can be a helpful contribution to the political culture. But not always citizens’ cooperation projects offer fair opportunities to all stakeholders.
This guideline gives practical tips how to come up against political receipt in citizens’ cooperation projects. The aim of the publication is to support citizens’ initiatives in the valuation of projects and to demand certain conditions for a successful participation. The book highlights the following questions: When does participation make sense? Which framework conditions are required? What is important concerning the definition of project aims, the design of the project and the process of conversation and negotiations?
abgelegt unter: Gesellschaft, Kultur