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Dalle ninfe dei boschi alla telematica.

Anno di pubblicazione2004
Autore(i)F. Cardarelli
RivistaSopra il livello del mare
Rivista n.N. 14
DocumentazioniArticolo Periodico
The Author, scientific coordinator of the project “Anguana – Museo dell’uomo e della montagna” promoted by INRM and officially started at the beginning of 2004, describes in this interesting article the project above, its guiding philosophy and its objectives. The project “Anguana – Museo dell’uomo e della montagna” starts from the awareness that local culture is an endogenous resource that should be shared and that can represent the key for the sustainable future of mountain regions. This awareness leads to the necessity of involving the local community in the valorization of the local traditions, know-how and resources, while experimenting new technologies. The project aims to create an ideal museum of man and mountain, distributed across the Nation, which should start a virtuous process for the valorization of mountain communities. This aim will be achieved following three phases: 1. creation of a telematic system dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about Italian mountain regions; 2. creation of an eco-museum located in the towns of Erto and Casso (Friuli Venezia Giulia) called “Ecomuseo del Vajont: continuità di vita”; 3. creation of an archive of the Italian mountain regions, which should collect the historic, cultural and scientific heritage of the numerous realities of the Italian mountains. Innovation and tradition have to walk side by side on the pathway to sustainability and this general principle, contained in the article, can be applied and transferred to every mountain region of the world.
Review – Sopra il livello del mare. La rivista dell’Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca scientifica e tecnologica della Montagna