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L'eau et la fôret: gestion d'une interrelation

Année de publication2004
Auteur(s)Sabine Brüschweiler
Publié parCDE - Centre for Development and Environment
Site Internet:
Lieu de publicationBern
Nombre de pages48
Langueen, fr
RevueDevelopment and Environment Reports
Forme de documentJournal, brochure
Due to their biodiversity, forests generate a range of products and services that are of economic, social or cultural value to human beings. Natural resource management provisions should ensure the creation and maintenance of these goods and services in the long term. However, unsustainable management practices of forests do not only generate short-term benefits but also considerable costs for society. Payment by the beneficiaries of the services would enable us to internalise external costs and promote sustainable management.
Two days of conferences on ”Forest and water”, on the multifunctionality of forests, on interactions between forests and water, on sustainable resource management, on payments for environmental services, their institutional and economic perspectives, were the basis of this brochure which presents an in-depth analysis of the information exchanged among conference participants and the public. It is intended for readers who work in international development cooperation and assistance in Switzerland and abroad. It offers additional information for local programmes in the field and at policy level.