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The river TAGLIAMENTO: a unique Alpine river in Europe

il Fiume Tagliamento

© Tagliamento<br/>

The Tagliamento is the last natural river in Europe. Flood control infrastructures (expansion basins, dams...) are in project. Several experts have underlined how the flood plain lying along the river Tagliamento between the bridges of Pinzano and Dignano is a major environmental and natural beauty site. They point out how any intervention in the area would jeopardise the ecosystem around the river and harm the landscape and its value as a recreational area. Furthermore, we think that natural capacity to respond to extraordinary floods is a solution, also with exceptional floods with very long return periods.


The desire is to tone down the original project and to do this it is necessary to create a base of information distributed to the population, to the administrators and allocating offices by signalling that there are a number of alternatives for the construction of the retention basins in the Bed of the Tagliamento to ensure the flood safety of the Municipalities downstream with targeted and ad hoc measures so as not to compromise the environmental quality of the site, as requested by the municipal administrations and residents. The associations have already produced a DVD and the aim is to publicise it, through meetings on the subject, in the 40 Municipalities that the river passes through from its source to its mouth, but also in all those who request this. The films attesting to the high environmental value of the river will be duplicated and information material will also be produced with the printing of a book on Pinzano and the importance of the relationship with the river in its history.


Commission to environmental and river hydraulics experts to distribute information to the Authorities and Schools. Participation in consultations with the institutional parties. Organisation of workshops with excursions and walks along the Tagliamento to get to know from close up its features and its link with the riverain communities. Seminar and distribution of the results. Publication of the book ''Pinzano al Tagliamento, il territorio e la sua gente''.
Recovering, analysis and dissemination of previous studies that demonstrate the futility of hydraulic expansion basins or similar works. The surface in question is wide, different interests gravitate around it. Economic, technical and administrative aspects and contrasts with Municipalities downstream which have a bigger political influence make us aware of the challenges. For this, we are aiming for a maximum communication on the value and potential of the site, collaborating with municipalitioes and public entities. To improve knowledge and understanding of future scenarios and then arrive at a collective consciousness that can influence decisions, and this is our alternative and our way of mitigating adverse effects.


To acquire the necessary knowledge to participate in all the consultations on the subject of the Tagliamento focussing the discussion on the environmental, natural and tourist values of the river. The aim will be to amend the original project in order to fully recover and increase the natural capacity to respond to extraordinary floods as well as the solution to cope also with exceptional floods with very long return periods. The involvement of the population, environmental associations, trade associations, public administrations and Universities not only on emotive bases, but also specific ones aimed at safeguarding a unique environment of inestimable value.


Pinzano al Tagliamento, (Pinzano al Tagliamento )


Municipality of Pinzano al Tagliamento, Association "Together for the Tagliamento". Association "Alliance in the Alps", Società Filarmonica "Valeriano", La REA ARPA FVG, Università di Trento, Francesa Iordan (researcher King'S College Londra), Roberto Pizzutti (Naturalist WWF FVG), Roberto Raccanello (Consorzio Castelli FVG), Prof. Università Trieste, Parc of the Prealpi Giulie, Primary schools, Agrar Institute Spilimbergo, Università Udine, Riverside comunities of the project "DELF", Ernst Von Chaulin (german photograph).


dynAlp-climate: 20.000€
Own funding from Pinzano al Tagliamento: 15.500€
Private funding: 12.500€
Volontary work

Project costs

48'000.00 Euro

Contact person

c/o Associazione Assieme per il Tagliamento
Claudio Paravano
Via Banfi 21
33030 Dignano (UD) / IT
Phone number: 432777243
E-mail: [email protected]