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LIFE and human coexistence with large carnivores

LIFE and human coexistence with large carnivores
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Avtor(-ji)João Pedro Silva, Justin Toland (Editor), Tim Hudson, Wendy Jones, Jon Eldridge, Ed Thorpe, Simona Bacchereti, Stephen Nottingham, Christophe Thévignot, András Demeter
Izdal(a)European Union - Publications Office
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Vrsta dokumentaČasopis, brošura
The latest LIFE Focus publication highlights the role of LIFE Nature funding in helping to conserve Europe's endangered large carnivores (brown bear, wolf, Eurasian lynx), by addressing actual and potential conflicts with people living in areas where these species are present.
The publication demonstrates the link between project outcomes and EU policy relating to large carnivore conservation and is designed to support the EU Action on Large Carnivores. As well as providing an overview of the LIFE programme's impact to date, it also draws conclusions about what has worked well and where there is room for improvement. With more than 75 featured projects, LIFE and human coexistence with large carnivores provides numerous practical examples and lessons that can be drawn from the LIFE programme's work in this area and taken forward into the 2014-2020 funding period; lessons that are relevant to conservation managers and field workers, policy-makers and administrators, as well as local citizens and stakeholder groups (hunters, farmers, beekeepers etc.).