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Aarhuška konvencija v Sloveniji, Strokovna priporo?

Leto izida2002
Izdal(a)Regionalni center za okolje za Srednjo in Vzhodno Evropo
Milena Marega
Število strani152
Vrsta dokumentaČasopis, brošura
The aim of the publication is to foster the acquaintance with the Aarhus convention and the understanding of its provisions, to facilitate the incorporation in Slovenian legal order and to help the national and local authorities as well as all interested stakeholders to effectively implement the Convention. First part of the publication contains presentation of the Convention and its context and analysis of the three pillars of the convention (access to environmental information, right for participation in decisions and protection of legal rights). Second part examines the influence of the Convention on decision making processes on local level and presents some experience with public participation. Last chapter provides practical guidelines for step by step implementation of the Convention. Translation of the Convention is annexed to the publication.