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Date 26.10.2018
Location Brussels/BEL
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The Mountain Dimension of Cooperation – Expert Workshop

This one-day workshop will bring together actors from cooperation projects, the EU Institutions and interest stakeholders to discuss how to foster the development of mountainous areas in the EU.

Mountain settlements are often isolated because of distance from urban or sub-urban hubs where services (education, health) and business or cultural opportunities can be widely accessed. Some of these settlements are cross-border in nature and therefore take the form of cross-border cooperation, mountain-range based cooperation or transnational/ interregional cooperation.

Parallel thematic sessions on the role of EU policies, projects and experiences from mountainous areas governance models in mountainous regions will provide an opportunity to participants to learn from each other and consequently identify novel approaches which could help improve the situation in the future.

You can register now by sending an email to [email protected]
Registrations close when maximum capacity is reached and in any case not later than 2nd November.

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