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17th gathering of beekeepers and celebration of World Bee Day

  • 18.05.2019 from 08:00 AM to 13:00 PM


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The main celebration of the World Bee Day in Slovenia this year will take place at various locations at the sports centre and the castle park in Ravne. The programme features a wide range of cultural and fun events. The local beekeeping, agricultural and handicraft traditions will be presented at the castle marketplace.  Visitors will be able to sample the sweetness of honey stew, and view an exhibition of beehive end panels made by Koroška schoolchildren and an exhibition of lace by the Koroška Lacemakers Society. The event will also feature musicians and a folklore group.

The event is organised by the Koroška Beekeepers Association in cooperation with the Slovenian Beekeepers Association and under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.








Exhibition of beehive end panels made by Koroška schoolchildren on the theme of 20 May – World Bee Day;
Exhibition of lace by the Koroška Lacemakers Society

Ravne Castle


Beekeeping, agricultural and handicraft market;
Making honey stew

Ravne Castle Park


Tour and presentation of ironworking museum, “Štauharija” forge,
Slovenian ironworking themed trail (guided tour)

Ravne town centre


Tour of Prežihov’s Hut, Prežihov Voranc Memorial Museum
(transport by bus or van, guided tour)

Preški vrh, Kotlje

9.00– 14.00

Tour of Prevalje beekeeping centre (transport by bus or van, guided tour)


10.00, 11.00, 12.00,
13.00, 14.00

Guided tours of Ravne Castle

Ravne Castle


11.00– 12.30

Gala celebration with honoured guest speakers and a wide range of cultural events:

  • Ludvik Kordež – Chairman of the Ravne na Koroškem Beekeepers Association
  • Dr Tomaž Rožen – Mayor of the Municipality of Ravne na Koroškem
  •  Dejan Židan – Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Dr Aleksandra Pivec – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
  • Dr Peter Kozmus – Vice-President, Apimondia
  •  Boštjan Noč, Chairman of the Slovenian Beekeepers Association

Main event venue,
Ravne Sports Centre

13.00 –

Lunch and socialising with Alpine ethno-pop ensemble

Main event venue,
Ravne Sports Centre



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