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Alpine lakes

Anno di pubblicazione2008
Pubblicato daJTS Alpine Space Programme
Internet: www.alpinespace.org
Numero di pagine239
The network aims at: - a better ecological condition of alpine lakes, according to the Water Framework Directive; - to promote a sustainable development of lakeside mainly based on ecotourism; - to pool, to exchange, to develop and to promote all kind of sustainable development practices in alpine lakes and lakeside. These objectives can be achieved with a participative approach aimed to improve the knowledge and to spread sustainable development practices for all topics.

The creation and maintenance of a network that links a large number of “lake’s managers” can carry out an improvement of knowledge in the field of lake and lakeside management and, moreover, can lead to a better implementation of sustainable development practices. The main tasks of the network’s activities are: - increase and broadcast knowledge (regarding water quality and ecosystem, natural heritage) of lake environment, also to the public; - improve the management of lakes and lakeside, to increase the environment protection and the landscape quality.