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2. Workshop

Durante il secondo workshop, che si è tenuto a Lecco nel mese di settembre, i partecipanti hanno discusso del futuro del turismo invernale nelle Alpi
Visions — 1826Kb
Visions for sustainable tourism. By Christian Baumgartner, Response&Ability
Challenges and Solutions — 4991Kb
Changes in the Alpine Environment and Trends in Winter Tourism: Current Challenges and Solutions. By Carmen de Yong, Professor of University of Strasbourg
Val di Fiemme /IT — 4320Kb
How to capture the opportunities of a changing paradigm in winter tourism. By Bruno Felicetti, destination manager of Val di Fiemme /IT
Val Müstair /CH — 3730Kb
How to capture opportunities of a changing paradigm in winter tourism. By Yvonne Schluer, product manager sustainability for Val Müstair
Decision-making for sustainable winter tourism — 2035Kb
Decision-making for sustainable winter tourism. By Marianna Elmi, Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention
Workshop summary — 709Kb
A short summary of results of our workshop in words.
Photoprotocol of the workshop — 4959Kb
Final visual result of the workshop: photos and produced materials