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Nature and people

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Anchoring nature in our actions and our thinking

Steep ragged cliff faces, flowering mountain meadows, buzzing insects – the Alpine landscape and its inhabitants are nothing if not diverse. The Alps are home to around 30,000 animal species and 13,000 plant species. At the same time human beings are shaping and impacting nature as never before, through farming, tourism and construction. Biodiversity and the landscape of the Alps are increasingly at risk from sprawling towns and villages, a network of roads and railway lines, intensive farming, cattle breeding, and climate change. Humankind’s enormous influence on nature is also linked to a great deal of responsibility: responsibility towards nature itself and to future generations. In its core theme ‘Nature and Humankind’, CIPRA is campaigning for a holistic understanding of human beings within nature.

CIPRA sees nature and human beings as common ground. The exceptional biological diversity of the Alpine region can only be preserved in the long term if we as human beings afford nature as high a status as we do our other needs, both in our actions and our way of thinking. CIPRA International seeks to bring all the relevant players together through its projects and activities on natural diversity, ecosystem services, management of water courses and spatial planning. In doing so it contributes towards linking ecosystems and their stakeholders as well as anchoring the preservation of biodiversity at the political level.

Tracking changes

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Marion Ebster
Project manager CIPRA International