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Economic transition

Mar 01, 2018
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Transition to a green economy in the Alpine region

The Alps are an economic area where many people live – and also a unique natural environment. Farming, goods and commuter traffic, tourism, production and investments shape life and culture in the Alps. They interact with climate change and leave lasting traces on the landscape. Politics and the economy often neglect ecological and social aspects in favour of short-term economic success. But there are also highly promising approaches aimed at creating economic activity that is both resource-friendly and socially compatible. In its core theme ‘A Changing Economy’, CIRPA International is strongly advocating a radical change in economic thinking in favour of sustainability.

A changing economy means producing fewer pollutants, using resources more economically, responding to the climate crisis, generating renewable energy in a sustainable way, and providing socially fair working conditions. These objectives are promoted and implemented with projects and activities in areas such as mobility, construction and renovation, tourism, climate and energy. But technological efficiency and structural measures alone are not enough. Sufficiency, i.e. adapting one’s own behaviour and reducing consumption, must also be part and parcel of the strategy. In order to propel this rethink forward, CIPRA International is looking to network and raise awareness of the body politic, administration, the business community, and representatives of civil society for more sustainable economic activity in the Alps.

Tracking changes

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Jakob Dietachmair
Project manager, CIPRA International