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Dec 12, 2019

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News from the Alps

  • Winter tourism in the climate crisis

    Dry winters have made natural snow increasingly rare and artificial snow ever more expensive: the report “Nevediversa 2023” analyses the impact of the climate crisis on ski resorts in Italy.

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  • Commuting made easy

    Commuting to work in healthier, more environmentally friendly ways: this is the goal set by the Slovenian municipality of Škofja Loka and local companies in the Trata 2.1 project, inspired by the experiences of corporate mobility management in the Alpine Rhine Valley.

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  • Point of view: The Alps are not an endless source of energy!

    Solar, wind and hydropower are helping us become less dependent on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. This can also be done without sacrificing the last biodiversity hotspots in the Alps, says Isabella Helmschrott, Executive Director of CIPRA Switzerland.

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  • Avoiding mountains of trash

    Litter is not only found in seas or urban areas: littering is also increasingly impinging on mountain areas. Initiatives and campaigns are motivating people to collect and avoid litter in the Alps.

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  • Hidden CO2 emitters

    Climate protection measures are expensive, which is why they are regularly criticised and rejected. How then can it be that at the same time the Alpine states are spending billions on environmentally harmful subsidies?

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