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News, publications, press releases, positions... on this page you find current and alpine-relevant information from Liechtenstein.
Our green lungs are running out of air

Animals and plants have to migrate in order to reproduce. That involves crossing land used by human beings. Ecological networking therefore needs the support of a variety of stakeholders. CIPRA brings them together.

Nominations for Alps-wide architecture prize

Switzerland and Liechtenstein, with technical and organisational support from CIPRA, will for the third time be awarding prizes to buildings in the Alps that demonstrate particular aesthetic and sustainable qualities. The jury has now nominated 32 projects for the “Constructive Alps” Architecture Prize.

CIPRA presents pioneers of sustainable living

Lifestyles and economies that use fewer resources require new thinking and action that go beyond narrow limits and consumerism. This is the conclusion of the CIPRA annual conference held in Annecy, France.


"Alpstar has been like a Lift"

Carbon-neutral Alps - this is the objective pursued by Alpstar's various project partners. The Alpine Rhine Valley has been selected as a pilot region to see how commuters can be motivated to switch to sustainable means of transport, with Hilti AG in Schaan/LI participating as a model company. Hilti's Chief Mobility Officer Daniel Oehry talks about the interaction between CIPRA and other partners.

Municipal network for nature protection

Nature knows no bounds. Therefore, 25 members of the “Alliance in the Alps” network of municipalities are now working together to ensure greater biodiversity and quality of life. Below is a summary of the aims of the international dynAlp-nature projects.

Liechtenstein is Europe's top energy country

All of Liechtenstein's municipalities have now been presented with the European Energy Award. The honour of being Europe's top energy country is a reason to celebrate - and a call for an effective climate policy.