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News, publications, press releases, positions... on this page you find current and alpine-relevant information from Austria.


CIPRA's point of view:  Water on!

Austria's checklist for the building of hydroelectric power plants is technically sound, offering transparency for building permits, but no protection for ecologically intact waters.

Media releases

Unabhängig von Energieimporten zu werden, das hat sich auch das Land Vorarlberg zum Ziel gesetzt. Im Rahmen des von der Österreichischen Raumordnungskonferenz (ÖROK) organisierten plus-Forums wurden heute in Bregenz mögliche Wege in eine neue Energiestrategie diskutiert. Die Internationale Alpenschutzkommission CIPRA forderte dabei eine nachhaltige Wachstumsstrategie für die Regionen.

The Alpine Region as a macro-region?

The EU already has a macro-region strategy for the Danube Region and the Baltic Sea. So why not also for the Alpine Region? At the beginning of July, the Arge Alp Working Group advocated a resolution calling for a "macro-region for the Alps".

First solar-powered bus now on the road

Since July Europe's first ever electric bus powered exclusively by solar energy has been operating in Perchtoldsdorf/A. The public transport bus seats up to 35 passengers.


After more than fifty years, the wild cat returned to Austrian forests. To contribute to protection and a better acceptance of this shy animal among people, the Platform on Wildcats was founded in 2009.

In the three provinces of Upper and Lower Austria and Styria interviews with 170 stakeholders were held. People were asked about their knowledge, experience and ideas concerning the connectivity of habitats and possible barriers by using a questionnaire. These interviews aimed at receiving an overview of opinions on this theme as well as information on planned or ongoing projects dealing with ecological connectivity in the region.

All across Austria the tendency to build cableways and other skiing infrastructures inside the boundaries of protected areas and other high-value zones can be observed. The Austrian Alpine Club (OeAV) warns against the destruction of landscape and recreational resources in the Alps and demands a framework for a well-balanced territorial planning, in order to preserve the typical Alpine landscape.


Regions tackle climate change

The participants at the start-up meeting for a transnational LEADER project held in Mäder/A on 20 and 21 January 2010 went one step further. The 20 or so representatives from five interested project regions in different Alpine countries met up with CIPRA staff in Vorarlberg to get to know one another and come up with a joint project design.

Communities committed to an improved climate

The international climate conference entitled "Municipalities and the climate - Putting mitigation measures to the test" was held in Mäder/A on 21 and 22 January. Around 130 participants from all the Alpine states responded to the invitation of the Alliance in the Alps network of municipalities and CIPRA International to discuss sustainable climate response measures.

Energy-efficient Alpine communities and Alpine towns

At the end of February the Vorarlberg communities of Langenegg, Mäder and Zwischenwasser received the European Energy Award® (eea) - Gold. These communities spearhead the international award for energy-efficient communities, which evaluates some 600 towns and communities across Europe.