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Networked for the Alps - CIPRA Annual report 2016

May 02, 2017
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CIPRA International

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This Annual Report is dedicated to a boat. Not the one that supposedly is now completely full, but the one where all those on board are working hard for a positive development in the Alpine region. And they work hard across all linguistic and cultural boundaries, often ignoring political party boundaries, but always finding common ground between their various sectors: these are the networks and joint ventures that exist in the Alps, the ones that are so important for innovation, creativity, and progress.

Looking beyond the immediate horizon (or, more fittingly, the immediate boundaries of one’s own valley), learning from and working with one another, and, ultimately, achieving a greater political reach: these are just some of the positive aspects of those joint ventures. At the centre of it all is a shared interest in sustainable development to benefit both the Alps as a natural environment and the Alpine population as a whole.

- Christian Baumgartner, Vice-chairman CIPRA International

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CIPRA Annual report 2016 CIPRA Annual report 2016
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