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In tune with diversity - CIPRA's Annual Report 2014

May 07, 2015
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Year of publication 2015
Publisher CIPRA International
Number of pages 32
Language en, de, fr, it, sl


"Biodiversity, the variety of life on our planet, is now a household term. If you take a look at species statistics, however, the picture is less encouraging. Species are disappear-ing, habitats are being destroyed or broken up, and every year more of our countryside is being consumed while biodiversity declines. Since its foundation in 1952, CIPRA has been working in support of biological diversity. With projects and activities at various levels, from local to international, the organisation brings relevant actors together, thereby helping to network ecosystems and establish a political basis for the protection of biodiversity – with the objective of transforming lip service into action."

Katharina Conradin
President of CIPRA International

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CIPRA's Annual Report 2014 CIPRA's Annual Report 2014
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