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New Directions of Research for the Alps

Year of publication2014
Co-authorsEnrico Camanni, Federica Corrado, Alberto Di Gioia, Giacomo Pettenati
Associazione di Ricerca e comunicazione sulla montagna
Place of publicationBrescia
Publication typeOther
Since the beginning of the twenty-first century many of the paradigms on mountain territories and specifically the alpine ones, have been discussed. By whom? By the world of research, that slowly by relentlessly photographs reality, which often is not correctly reported by writers. Maybe because they are too busy following the easier and safer “clichés”, or because they are victims of the heavy publicity in the
newspapers. In this issue of the Mountain Dossier we want to give a voice to some of these scholars, who through their work can guide us along the new paths of alpine research. By suggesting, even to those who work in mountain communication new and lucrative lines of research.