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Thermal Imaging Guidebook for Buildging and Renewable Energy Applications

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Year of publication2011
Publisher(s)FLIR Commercial Systems B.V.
PR & Advertising Manager EMEA
Languagede, en, fr, it
Thermal imaging cameras are powerful and non invasive tools for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings. Energy losses, missing insulations, air leaks, moisture and many other building related problems become immediately and clearly visible on a thermal image.
Also the renewable energy sector has discovered the benefits of thermal imaging cameras. Solar panel and windmills are regularly inspected with the help of a thermal imaging camera.
The guidebook is written for everyone with an interest in the use of thermal imaging cameras for building and renewable energy applications.
It introduces the reader to many applications for building, solar panel and windmill inspections. It also explains to which details you need to pay attention when carrying out thermal inspections and has useful tips for choosing the correct thermal imaging camera for your specific building or renewable energy application.