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Integrating nature & biodiversity and land use data

Integrating nature & biodiversity and land use data
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Year of publication2012
Author(s)Alena Dostalova (AOPK)
Co-authorsMichael Hosek (AOPK), Tomas Soukup (GISAT), Maria José Ramos, Roger Milego (UAB), Christian Schleicher (GeoVille Information Systems)
Publication typeOther
Current assessments of the state of biodiversity in Europe only give limited value for policy making, due to data gaps, unavailability, data inconsistencies or improper use of existing data. The contract examined how to bring existing data collections (in particular CLC, Habitats Directive Art. 17 and LUCAS data) together, and produced a processed database with the results and chosen biodiversity indicators based on the exploration of land use data for biodiversity, ecosystem services and Green Infrastructure. Recommendations on biodiversity data policy have been formulated in support of a gap analysis relevant to the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy. The database has been handed over to EEA.