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Monitoring and Modelling of Mountain Water Resources

Monitoring and Modelling of Mountain Water Resources
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Year of publication2011
Author(s)Georges-Marie Saulnier
Publisher(s)Université de Savoie
Place of publicationChambéry
Publication typeOther
Within the Alp-Water-Scarce project, various levels of investment in monitoring and modelling were observed among the project partners. This diversity was actually valuable in sharing and promoting the idea that these efforts should be encouraged and maintained19. However, the benefit of sharing experiences and best practices between stakeholders, consultants and researchers should also be considered.
Bringing together knowledge and technical ideas would increase our capacity to develop adaptation strategies to deal with global changes at the European level. This is clearly beyond the scope and goals of this project; rather, it is an issue that should be addressed by decision-makers at a political level. However, it is hoped that some of the practices applied in Alp-Water-Scarce may contribute to the definition of a network of trans-national skill platforms.